Should Small Business Owner Hire a Web Designer or Use a Website Builder?

In the present business scenario, no business can afford to run without a website. There is a huge paradigm shift in approaches of designing a website for small business. A website is a must tool for branding and marketing a business. Even a car mechanic or a dentist is going for a website, which we seldom saw in the past.

Now all business owners want to have a well-designed professionally looking website for their business. And here the problem starts.

It has seemed that business owners go through a huge dilemma which approaches to choose for their website design. Whether, they should go and hire a professional web design company or opt for easy to use website builder.

There is a myth that hiring a web designer will make a hole in the pocket. So the concept of website builder came which attracts owners through its cost-effectiveness. But there are lots of hidden cons which sometimes non-technical founders don’t see them.

Web Design is a very specialized area and it is obvious that different domain business owners won’t get to know all the intricacies. It is for that reason we hire specialized person for all our needs as we have limited or no knowledge on the subject. And we expect a good service provider who will understand our pain area and go beyond our expectations.

We know how important it is to have a well-designed website using best practices which will attract visitor’s eyes and help them to convert into paying customers.

Being a business owner, we tried to help our fellow small business owners and startup founders in their endeavor of opting the best approach for their company website.

We tried to compare both the approaches in easy to perceive tabular form for better and quick understanding (we know business owners have very little time).

Features Hire Web Designer Website Builder
Design : Fully custom design as per business goal. Choose from pre-defined templates
Time: Takes 2 to 3 weeks. Time takes to understand the business and its pain areas. Within 2 to 3 days as everything is readymade.
Coding: Best practices coding. System generated.
User-Experience: Great user experience as you design it keeping them in mind. No control as it is all pre-defined and system generated.
File Ownership: Yours completely. With the respective Builder
Domain (Very Imp):
Server: Hosting server of your choice. Builder’s server.
SEO: Full control of SEO activities. Limited control as everything is system generated
Lead-Generation Technique: Full control and freedom to use different strategies Limited control.
Sitemap: Can create and upload sitemap Can’t upload
Site Submission: Can submit to major search engines and directories Can’t submit
Pricing: A bit-high in comparison to website builder Comparatively cheap

There are lots of differential factors among these two approaches. But the above factors are the most decisive ones. Apart from pricing and time factors, there is not much pros in website builders which can do good to your business. If it is the case then there wouldn’t so much of web design companies available to offer their services.

Custom website design do not cost huge in comparison to the benefits it brings to a business. There are quite a few affordable web design service providers who do highest standards work with proven results.

I might sound biased to someone as I am myself the owner of a small web design company. So I will be really interested to hear from other guys about their views on this topic or can share their experiences through our comments section.