Custom Web Design or Template: Which Is The Best Option for Small Business Website

Are you starting a new business or want to market your existing business? If your answer is yes then in both these cases you will be in need of a company website. Either you want to design a fresh new website or revamp your existing one.

Web design can be a complex process for business owners. There are several factors to keep in mind and keeping the budget in limit. Among all these factors and complexities, one important and deciding factor is whether to go for custom web design or select a ready-made website template.

It is often found that the business owners get confused at it and don’t know what to do here. They know that custom web design is a time taking process and also cost more than the template which costs much less with very attractive look.

While both these options have their own pros and cons, but then there are some important factors which differentiate them hugely and can make or break your brand impression. Therefore, we took the initiative to help our fellow entrepreneurs through this post to take the correct decision. Our lookout will be to find out the hidden factors which often get suppressed by the time and cost factors.

We have explained the difference among following factors. These are the factors that business owners have to keep in mind while taking decision between custom web design and website template.

Planning & Strategy

How often we have seen that business owners think that leads will start falling once their website is up and running. How wrong they are in their thinking. A website does not create magic itself. The actual magic is created with the backing of proper planning and strategy. Every website is created out of a business goal.

With Custom Web Design you have the opportunity to share your business goals, plans and strategy with your designer. You can make your website stand out from the crowd and can get the extra edge from your competitors. You can scale up your website and can improve it once your business grows in future.

But in website template all these factors are limited. There is no scope to discuss your business goals. Website templates give preference to look and feel. But beauty is not the only thing to consider when you are looking into a company website. It has to have brains to attract the visitors and compel them to become paying customers.

Design Process

You have very less time to create a first impression in the mind of your visitors through your website. With proper design process you can achieve the first impression that will last.

A proper design process should consist of the following steps:

  • Target Audience
  • Building Persona
  • Wireframing
  • Different Design Options
  • Design planning for Mobile/Tablet view
  • Multiple Revisions
  • A/B Testing
  • CTA button positioning

You don’t have to bother about all these above process in custom web design. If you hire an expert web design company, you can easily achieve all these stuffs automatically. They will release the burden from your shoulder and you get more time doing your favourite work for your business.

You can cut down all these steps easily when using website template. But it can’t create solutions to your business problems and won’t help you achieve high conversion rates.

Website Build

Coding and development is the backbone of any functional website. Google has started giving importance to faster loading websites. Proper code validation and optimization can help in faster loading speed of a website which is an important metric for SEO.

Website template gives much importance to attractiveness and forgets about the business aspects. They don’t set right priorities. In order to achieve the look they often use heavy java script or unorganized code. They provide generic work and there is no proper code validation.

“Making Web a better place should be the highest priority for any web design service provider”

In custom web design, the strategy is always to build the website to stand out from the crowd. They give equal importance to look and functionality. Extra care is always taken in development to make it a conversion-driven tool.


You can’t forget the marketing aspects in your business. Your website design can make or break your marketing efforts. A good design with targeted strategy can yield a huge momentum in growing site visitors and building the brand.

In custom web design process, you can share your business goals with your designer. The web designer will take the responsibility to drive the direction of your website. You will see a bond is created between you and your designer. The designer will interpret your business vision and build the website to connect your brand with prospective customers.

“Don’t just involve your designer in your website design effort. Rather, get him involved in all your design decisions. ”

You can’t achieve all these things when you are opting for website template.

Competitive Pricing

Everyone wants to save money in this economy and it will be bad to label custom web design as expensive. Custom web design is a tailored service. It is a complete process to drive traffic to your website and building brand awareness. You might find the cost a bit high in comparison to website template. But in return it is giving you the freedom of customization and flexibility.

In conclusion, small business owners need to emphasize what to give preference and what to sacrifice for the betterment of their business. Price and time are two important factors, but in order to achieve them they can’t sacrifice the factors which we discussed above.

There are lots of custom web design company who do result-driven work at affordable price. You just need to find them to kick-start your business website.

The points which I discussed above is my personal opinion and not to do anything with my personal inclination. If you want to share your thoughts or have any other valuable point, then please feel free to join the discussion through our comments section.