When Small Business Should Consider Redesigning Their Website?

Sometimes small business owners don’t realize that their website is old and needs a revamp. They are too busy with their business forgetting to take care of their best tool for branding and marketing.

We have often seen many small business websites to be outdated. They all look weary. The first impression we get from it is that they don’t have anybody to take care of them. They are like orphans whose owners are expecting to yield the best result out from them.

“Website Design is not a one-off job and one size does not fits all”

Web Design trends, Technology and SEO algorithms change at regular intervals. If you don’t keep your website up to date with the latest trends, then you are bound to move in the opposite direction of success.

There are several parameters through which a small business owner can get the indication about redesigning their business website. A small investment in web design services can yield enormous results.

Outdated Design

Web Design is like fashion. Each year new trends come. The look and feel of your website helps you create a lasting impression. So whenever you find your website do not look modern and seems outdated than your competitors, it is the time to think about redesign. It is very crucial to have an attractive good looking site which is easy to read and navigate.

Site Loading Speed

Do your website takes lot of time to load? Maybe you have not given much importance to it. But Google is very serious about it and consider it an important metric for SEO. Your visitors should get the best website experience apart from attractive look.

If you are not very familiar with site speed, you can check the below sites for references:

“Internet users are very impatient. So you can’t afford to lose any of them for slow loading website. “


Are your website looks good in mobile devices? If it is not then it is high time to make your website compatible with mobile devices. With the advancement of technology, more and more people surf online contents or make product/services search through their mobile. Small business owners can’t afford to lose this huge prospective audience.

The adaptable design gives better and seamless user experience. The mobile responsive site gets an extra competitive edge in Google SERPs.

“Google recommends Responsive Mobile Design”

No Proper Branding

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. Many business owners don’t give much importance to branding at the beginning. But gradually as their business grows, they understand how important it is to have a proper branding.

“Smart and strategic branding creates a lasting impression in the mind of a potential client. “

Website should align with business goals and branding message. Small Business should define their target client persona and based all branding message on it.

Improve Users Trust

“Trust is a vital element in web.”

Everybody wants to do business with trustworthy service provider. To build trust around your business, your website should create an impression which will create the confidence on your product or services. Your website should look professional and well structured so that a prospective client can get information easily. It should clearly showcase work, client testimonials, reviews and other information at the click of a mouse.

A prospective buyer might get skeptical to share personal information if they find the site is not secure. In order to make your website secure, you need to implement HTTPS, which is a secured protocol through which data is sent between the browser and the website.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Do you modify your website according to search engines? Search Engines update their algorithm quite often. You should make sure your website is updated accordingly. After all, you have created your website to generate traffic and build a brand for your business.

Your business needs to reach potential clients and for that you need to make your website compatible with search engines. Your website should follow all the best-practices to rank well in the first couple of pages in search results.

These are just few of many reasons which are enough to make you reconsider to redesign your small business website.

If you have any other query or want to share your ideas, you are always welcome to write them in our comments section.