6 Costly Website Design Mistakes To Avoid As A Small Business Owner

As a Business Owner, you know how a website can make or break a business. It is the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal. Proper website design helps you in enhancing the branding of your business.

There is a huge debate in the web world whether mobile app is as good as website with the emergence of mobile technology. In fact, some companies dumped their website to go with standalone mobile app. Everybody thought the concept of website is dead in this mobile revolution. But then those companies revert back to website within 3 months of their app launch, proving everybody wrong.

“Website Design is a mixture of Art, Science and Commerce. Art conveys the aesthetics, Science user-experiences, psychology and Commerce for growth, profits.”

The conventional wisdom about website design among the founders and owners are that it is a one time job and once created traffic/leads will start pouring in.

Building a successful business is not an easy task. So I thought to highlight 6 crucial web design mistakes that startup founders or business owners can avoid to increase their chance to launch a successful and sustaining business.

Customer Journey

Small business owners are very possessive with their ideas and overly excited about their business. They try to target everybody and in doing so attract nobody, thus falling flat.

Instead of focusing on everything, they must research on their target market to build a detailed client persona. Based on the audience demographics, the client persona will guide them to plan the strategy for a successful web design.

For instance, if the target demographic trend is towards younger population, the color and design of the website can be jazzy to match their taste. On the other hand if it is towards older population, then it is always feasible to use subtle colors and readable fonts.

This detailed research will help the web designer to map the customer journey while designing the website.

Conventional Design

The web is full of conventional designs. You will see every two sites similar in look and feel nowadays, thus making a dull impression about the respective brand.

The business owner gives very less importance to design while creating the website. They generally provide references of 4-5 visually pleasing sites to the designer, ignoring completely about the business aspects.

“First impression is the last impression. Your website should create a mental image with your customers.”

The designer should be given enough freedom at the time of designing the website. The owner must remind the designer about his business goals and the designer in turn should tie those goals through his creative flair. It’s a team game.

Time and Planning are the two main backbone of an unconventional web design. The business owner needs to work together with his designer to create this magic.

Poor Call To Action

The Call To Action button is a very powerful element in a website. As the name suggests, it guides the users what to do next or what is waiting for them once they click it.

But it is seemed quite often that a generic CTA has been used in website. The text to be used should be well-thought of, so that it provokes an immediate response among the potential prospect.

A proper call-to action will improve conversion drastically.(more on it later post)

Poor Content Usage

“Content is King”. I believe everybody heard this term. But still we found that business owners get reluctant while providing fresh contents. The owner suggests copying contents from 2-3 similar websites thus putting the business in copyright infringement act unknowingly.

“Design and Content should complement each other”

Just like design, the content should be given similar importance. A creative and well-thought content will glued the prospect to a particular page, convincing them to convert fast.

Content is not just the texts. It includes the usages of images which plays an important role in creating the visual content. Content if used smartly can do wonders and it needs regular updates to remain fresh.

Proper Marketing

It is a general tendency among business owners and startup founders to think that leads/visitors will start pouring once they launch their business website. You will find two or three likes or appreciation here or there on social media. But not the actual lead for which you created the website and spend so much money. For that you have to market your website extensively.

“Design is another form of creative and innovative Marketing”

Without proper marketing, your website will be considered beauty with no brains. You need to provide the intelligence to your website with proper marketing strategy.

There are numerous channels to market your site, but your client persona will help you guide the proper strategy for marketing. Don’t go overboard with your marketing efforts, otherwise it might annoy your target audience.

“Marketing should be cleaver and creative to create a relationship with your customers.”

Additionally, your website should have a blog which needs to update regularly with fresh contents. You should be way ahead of your competitors by providing latest information on your domain. Your blog needs to have domain authoritative contents which will make you look experts in the eyes of your prospective clients.

There should be a proper strategy for your social media channels. You need to have a big fan base and create an engaging community around your services. Don’t put social media icons in your website just for the sake of it.

Taking the DIY route

Small Business Owners or Startup founders like to do everything related to their business all by themselves. They like to save money for their business and want to be frugal as much as possible.

Though it is a good idea to take care of your business financials. But at the same time you need to give due credit to the special areas which need expert attention. Outsource some of the tasks and focus more time on special business areas which nobody can do it. You need to save yourselves from burnout.

It seems that quite often business owners don’t give much importance to website design. They consider it an easy task and based on their gut feeling jump start to show their creativity. DIY mastery and saving money are the two reasons behind it.

“A website is the first experience which a prospective customer gets acquainted with a brand.”

It is the most powerful marketing tool for a small business owner. They can exploit it for their own business growth.

So hiring an expert web designer is the smartest move for designing small business website.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article? Do you face similar web design problems? Let me know your thoughts.